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FA Quantitative Market Research Services

FA Research and Consultancy is a boutique, independent, Turkish market research company driven by years of experience. Quantitative research practice is one of FA’s specialty area. FA helps its clients with conventional or even experimental research projects by providing fieldwork, data delivery and project management assistance in quantitative research works.

A quantitative research work helps stakeholders to get closer to their customers by translating data into business intelligence which stakeholders can act on; it involves the collection and analysis of data generalized to large populations of people. A quantitative research work determines the relationship between independent or dependent variables among the targeted population; it deals with deterministic process by examining numbers and stats. To achieve this, as the first step, research work needs to be completed accurately in the field. We carry out data collection and data process by research work tools and a dedicated team of experts.

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FA Quantitative Research Standards & Quality

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FA conducts quantitative fieldwork in many areas…

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FA conducts quantitative market research…

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