Market research is a powerful tool that guiding stakeholders and decision makers in a world that getting more complex each day due to increasing competition, rapidly changing trends and customer needs and preferences. Approaching customers with instincts is out, receiving and evaluating data is in. As the first step, collecting data in market research project management process is vital to acquire reliable outputs. FA offers quantitative and qualitative field and data delivery services for market research works.

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Understanding HCPs’ and patients’ needs and preferences is crucial to be successful in healthcare market. FA helps its clients to monitor the Turkey’s healthcare market environment by conducting variety of healthcare market research projects from conventional market understanding studies to most complex, sophisticated or experimental studies. FA has a very experienced field team and project management experts that providing field and data delivery services by involving ad hoc or tracking quantitative and qualitative medical research projects for its clients.

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FA offers cooperation in different types of social research studies subjected to sensitive context or quick simple works. FA provides project management, fieldwork operation, data delivery or helps its clients in designing sample frame and research project design stages to satisfy the high expectations in the nature of social research work with its experience of years in this field. FA conducts types of social research projects with particular scope from government programs to social movement surveys.

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Ankethink is a web based database management application which FA owns, manages and uses as a powerful tool for field service practices. FA uses Ankethink to reach target audiences that subjected to a particular research scope and their responses in an easy and affordable way.

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Memberships & Quality Certificates


ESOMAR is the global association for the data and insights industry, with members based in 130 countries. For more than 70 years, ESOMAR has been guiding, regulating, promoting and celebrating market, social and opinion research and data analytics.

Turkish Researcher’s Association

The mission of the Association is to carry out certain studies to establish national and international professional principles in the sector, laws and sector’s quality standards.

Trustworthy Research Certificate

TÜAD’s legal entities have GAB-Trustworthy Research Certificate. In order to ensure reliability, transparency, and sustainability of quality standards in surveys.

ISO 20252

TÜAD’s legal entities are regularly audited by an independent, international, TÜRKAK-accredited audit organization every year.

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