Project Description

You might need a translator in a world that consumers care about their lifestyle and personal preferences more and more each day. We translate these features in this complex world of digital era by our consumer-oriented and data driven digital marketing solutions. By combining the marketing actions with technology, we use various instruments to put the proper marketing scenarios into practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Websites that caught by organic search receive more visitors than their competitors. The main purpose of SEO work is to increase the organic traffic of the website and outrank even toughest competitors in Google. The goal is to conduct competitive analysis for keywords and to tailor the website to the SEO rules. We analyse and develop your product every month with the links from established and high-quality sites drive relevant traffic to your site and build authority in Google and report the whole process on a monthly basis.

Search Engine Marketing and Digital Media Planning

Google, the market leader in Turkey, is the most important platform on search engine marketing. Google ads are divided into Google Search Engine and Google Display Advertising. Efficient campaigns are compatible with the Google AdWords dynamics to maximize the engagement.

We determine an optimum budget according to the current and potential demand in the market by setting a course in line with client needs, marketing activities and plans. Search, display and mobile scenarios are made by allocating the optimized budgets and visualize budget trade-offs through analytics; uncovering the highest performing and most efficient allocation opportunities.

In such giant social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; by identifying the target audience and mapping out the correct marketing strategy, we create campaign scenarios which lead our clients to tangible outcomes with reasonable time plans while providing wide-axis service by engagement reports that boost productivity.

Content Marketing and Corporate Content Production

Nothing can hold content marketing back, it keeps its trend “up” either way! The key is to pave the way to cross interests of customers. High quality, up-to-date and customized content produced by content professionals and distributing it constantly in periods of time will always put your product somewhere higher, max your recall gauge, cement the perception of your product.

FA Letsgodigital provides corporate content strategy, content road map creation, corporate content access and distribution channel management functions as well as corporate site, blog, vlog, e-newsletter, journal, book, corporate report, internal communication / training platform, video, interactive visual content production services.

Event Organization and Event Content Management

Event content and corporate concept design, content mapping, developing content strategy, session theme design, speaker management, maintain schedules and budgets, respond more quickly and effectively to speakers and other content contributors, produce of high quality conference materials, physical operation of event, contracts, event’s social media management, produce of instant infographics and visuals materials, photography, video and interview work management.

On the event communication side, we serve as a partner that can provide all the other services such as promotion and development of media strategy, event communication plan and media management, management of event communication channels, leading sponsorship strategy, sponsorship management, brand activation and interaction projects.

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